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Question Period

Answering Back:  preparing your Minister for Question Period (QP) 

This half-day workshop provides an

overview of the QP process within the federal government including its purpose and critical timelines. It focuses on the role of the Minister in the House of Commons as a representative of the Government and on what works and doesn’t work in preparing responses responding to questions from the Opposition. Participants will be given concrete practical suggestions on what to include in QP notes in both the background and message/response sections and how to prepare for those early morning requests.

  • You will understand the purpose of QP and the role of the Minister and other key players.
  • You will know how QP is managed within the federal government and your own department.
  • You will know what content needs to be in a QP  note.
  • You will know how to make QP note drafting   successful.
  • You will know how to write effective key messages.

The Approach 

This half-day workshop is delivered by a practitioner well-versed in drafting Question Period notes that work. Designed by Leslie Anderson, who has 18 years’ experience briefing senior elected and appointed officials, this workshop shares tips and insights   into what messages work in the House and why.  The workshop includes extensive discussion, group exercises, message drafting as well as video clips of Ministers in action in the House. It draws on participants’ experience to complement the knowledge of the workshop leader.  This workshop has received consistently favourable comments from the more than 800 individuals who have attended. 

Sample Testimonials 

“In my opinion, as QP coordinator, the course was very helpful and provided good insight on the whole process. There was the right amount of emphasis on all the key areas for QP notes.”“Good   tools, good exercises.”“Course   should be mandatory for anyone involved in the drafting of QP cards.”“Excellent,   enthusiastic, knowledgeable instructor. Full of good suggestions.”“Interesting,   informative and very well presented.” 

Who Should Attend 

Public servants in policy, communications, science, administration, operations - anyone who is responsible for preparing question period notes. There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop. You know if you need to work on this skill.

Schedule and Fees

This workshop can be delivered in English for up to 25 individuals from a single organization at a group rate with a focus on your organization’s template, process and subject matter.