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Public Health Policy

Public Health Policy 101



All public health practitioners require a basic   understanding of public health policy development that includes how   priorities are set , how the policy process works, the role of key actors and the context in which they work. The goal of Public Health Policy 101 is to bring participants to a baseline understanding of how public health is developed and managed.

  • You will know the key individuals, structures and processes critical   to policy making in public health.
  • You will explore how public health issues are brought to a government’s attention and priorities set.
  • You will understand the public health policy development process, its   key  stages/ actors and ingredients for success.
  • You will  strengthen your own policy-making skills.
  • You will apply workshop learnings to actual public health policy cases.


The Approach


This one-day workshop is delivered by a seasoned public health policy maker with experience in all aspects of policy development.  The day will include lectures, plenary discussions, individual and group exercises, actual case studies, discussion and draw on the experiences of those in the room to complement the knowledge of the workshop leader.

This has received consistently favourable comments from the more than 500 policy makers who have attended to date.  This workshop has also been tailored to other jurisdictions including the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health in New Brunswick.


Sample Testimonials


“Very seasoned facilitator created a productive learning environment –   emphasis on group participation and open forum.”

“Excellent course! Leslie was a great resource and I really enjoyed her insight and info. I would highly recommend this course to others!”

“I learned a lot that will help provide me with some policy basis, coming without a policy background and being expected to function in policy.”

“Great to have workshop with our colleagues instead of attending a workshop somewhere else because we can discuss our current work and use our examples”.

“Very informative; easy to understand; good examples used; relevant.”


Who should attend


Anyone who requires a foundational understanding of public health policy development.  There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop. Science, epidemiological, policy and program staff will find  the course of value especially those with limited exposure to policy development and the policy arena.


Schedule and Fees


The  workshop can be delivered in English for up to 25 individuals from   a single organization at a group rate. Workshop can also focus more   specifically on the public health policy work of your organization or jurisdiction through presentations and case studies