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Experienced Personal Training & ConsultingExperienced Personal Training & ConsultingExperienced Personal Training & Consulting

Political Acuity: how things really get done 



Political Acuity involves the ability to identify real decision-makers and understand how an organization really works. It is the ability to appreciate, understand and use formal and informal power relationships within organizations and within the political structure, and predict how new events will affect individuals and groups. This workshop explores what political acuity means in a practical sense in your role as a public servant working in a political environment.  Political acuity will be defined, its importance set out and application explored in your daily work in the current environment. 

  • You will understand what political acuity is and why it's valuable.
  • You will identify and explore how to build and strengthen key relationships.
  • You will understand the current environment and its implications for your work.
  • You will strengthen your strategic advice and direction gets used.
  • You will develop an action plan to strengthen your own political smarts. 

The Approach


The one-day workshop is delivered by a seasoned policy maker with experience in all aspects of policy. The day will include individual and group exercises, case studies, discussion and draw on the experience of those in the room to complement the knowledge of the workshop leader.  This workshop has received consistently favourable comments from the more than 200 individuals who have attended since its inception. The workshop has also been tailored to other jurisdictions including the Government of Ontario.


Sample Testimonials 


“Should be a requirement for everyone. Critical core training.”

“Most valuable aspect of the workshop was having confirmation of answers to questions which have long been unanswered.”

“Excellent delivery, good materials and obvious and appreciated expertise in the subject.”

“Thought political acuity had nothing to do with my job. I was wrong! The course taught me a lot.”

“Very open to answering questions and encouraged broad discussion based on personal experience.’’


Who should attend


Anyone who wants to strengthen their political acuity especially those in policy and program development.  There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop.  You know if you need to work on this skill.

Schedule   and Fees


The workshop can be delivered in English for up to 25 individuals at a group rate. Workshop can be,tailored to focus on issues of greater importance to your organization’s environment and work.