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Policy Development


The Policy Game:  tips and tactics for understanding and successfully participating in policy development




This workshop explores the policy development process from its initiation through to implementation and evaluation. Policy is defined and steps in the policy process and key players set-out. Best practices for policy development are explored and applied to policy cases.

  • You will know how policy evolves, priorities are  set and articulated as an agenda.
  • You will understand the policy development process and key elements for success.
  • You will understand the role of Ministers, Deputies, central agencies and policy analysts in  policy development.
  • You will explore the influences on policy development, timing and receptivity.
  • You will apply workshop learnings to actual policy cases.


The Approach


This one-day workshop is delivered by a seasoned policy maker with experience in all aspects of policy development.  The day will include individual and group exercises, actual case studies, discussion and draw on the experiences of those in the room to complement the  knowledge of the workshop leader.

This session has received consistently favourable comments from the more than 3,200 policy makers who have attended so far from virtually all federal government departments. Workshops have also been held   for the Governments of Nunavut, British Columbia and Manitoba, and the Assembly of First Nations.


Sample Testimonials 


“Excellent practical guide on ‘how to. Leslie has  a natural ability to explain bureaucracy.”

“Very applicable to my job .Very hands on and will help me greatly with day to day work.”

“Leslie was a very engaging speaker—very positive—her activities were ‘bang on’ reinforcing her message which I found to be very applicable to my role as a policy analyst.”

“Good at challenging us to really assess what we think we already know and how we’ve done it.”

“Policy development is no longer scary to me as it was. It’s logical and has clear steps.”


Who   should attend


Anyone who wants to develop or refresh their policy development skills, strengthen their understanding of policy-making, explore best practices in policy development and the skills required for this job. There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop. You know if you need to work on this skill. 


Schedule and Fees


The workshop can be delivered in English for up to 25 individuals from a single organization at a group rate. The workshop can be expanded to include more extensive coverage of key policy topics such as consultation and engagement, Cabinet processes,   evaluation, expectations of senior officials and political acuity. Workshop can also focus more specifically on the policy work of your organization through presentations and case studies. A more advanced policy workshop is also available