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Memorandum to Cabinet (MC)

Memorandum to Cabinet:  successfully navigating the Memorandum to Cabinet Process 



This workshop provides an insider’s view of the ultimate policy—process for successfully bringing MC’s forward. Learn practical tips and tools for drafting and presenting your MC, managing the Cabinet process and engaging with central agencies and your own department. This course will focus on Cabinet and MC basics, what the central agencies want and getting the content and process right in the current environment.

  • You will understand the purpose, structure and mandate of Cabinet and its Committees.
  • You will know current Cabinet requirements related to content and   process within the federal government and your own department.
  • You will understand central agencies roles and what they are looking for in Cabinet submissions.
  • You will know how to get the MC process and content right. 
  • You will know how to write effective Ministerial Recommendations.

The   Approach


This one-day workshop is delivered by  a practitioner well-versed in the

drafting and review of Cabinet documents.  Designed by Leslie Anderson, this workshop provides an overview of all elements of the MC and Cabinet process, and shares tips and insights into what works and why. The workshop includes extensive discussion, group exercises development of the content for the Ministerial recommendation component of an MC,  as well as a critique of an MC from central agencies' perspective.  Participants will be able to ask the questions they want answered to strengthen their understanding of Cabinet and the MC process. It draws on participant’s experience to complement the knowledge of the workshop leader. This workshop has received consistently favourable comments from   the more than 300 individuals who have attended since its inception.


Sample Testimonials 


 “This course should  be mandatory to any policy analyst responsible for drafting MCs.”

“Helps to demystify the MC process and the policy development process in government.”

“Course was great—there were good examples and   exercises.”

“Knowledgeable and engaging instructor.” 


Who Should Attend


Anyone who would like to learn more about the Cabinet process and MC development including those managing, drafting, reviewing or inputting into MCs.  There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop.  You know if you need to strengthen your understanding and skills in this area. 


Schedule and Fees


This workshop can be delivered in English for up to 25 individuals from a single organization at a  group rate with your organization’s MC requirements and process included