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Federal Government Essentials

Federal Government Essentials: traditions, structures, people and processes


Understanding the world in which you work is key to job performance and success. The Government of Canada is a complex organization with more than 420,000 employees working in a wide range of departments and agencies. Understanding its core underpinnings and key processes is critical to the work you do. This workshop explores the role and functioning of government. It will review all the key structures, decision-makers and processes in our system. With this information, you will be better equipped to effectively operate in the current working environment.

  • You will know the basis of our government’s operation--the Westminster model of government and the Constitution.
  • You will understand the role of Ministers, Cabinet, Parliamentary Secretaries, Minister’s Offices, the Clerk, Deputies and central agencies.
  • You will explore the core values   of the public service, and your role as a public servant.
  • You will review the most important aspects of Parliament including Question Period and Committee operation.
  • You will understand the decision-making cycle and its importance to program operation and policy development.
  • You will understand the Cabinet decision-making process and its key documents.

The Approach


This half-day workshop is delivered by a   practitioner who understands how government works.  The half-day will include lectures, exercises, discussion and draw on the experience of those in the room to complement the knowledge of the workshop leader. The workshop has consistently high evaluations from more than the 400 people who have attended since its inception.


Sample Testimonials


“The most valuable aspect of the course was the knowledge of the moderator. Leslie was able to answer all questions due to her background and history in government.”

‘Info was exactly on point, at the correct depth, and presented at a good pace.”

“Great course. This should be mandatory for all government employees.”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable. Good presenter, kept everyone’s attention. Was able to answer all questions and guide good discussion.”

“Understanding the chain from our desk to Minister/Cabinet/Prime Minister/central agencies.”

“Simply the most valuable overview on How the  “Government of Canada works” something that every Canadian should know and understand, especially public servants.”


Who should attend


Anyone new to government, those requiring a refresher and those in more specialized areas who may not have been exposed to government on a broad basis. There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop.  You know if you need to work on this skill. 


Schedule   and Fees


This workshop can be delivered in English for up to 25 individuals from a single organization at a group rate. Course will be tailored to reflect your organization within the context of the entire Government of Canada. Course can be extended to a full day to cover topics in more depth. Course has also   been tailored to other jurisdictions including the Government of Ontario.