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Experienced Personal Training & ConsultingExperienced Personal Training & ConsultingExperienced Personal Training & Consulting

Deck Preparation

Deck Preparation: getting your message across




Deck mastery is now an important core competency of many positions in government. More and more, critical information is conveyed and decisions   taken on the basis of a deck. This workshop explores the purpose of decks   and best practices for their development with a special focus on what senior executives and Ministers are looking for.  It will provide how-to’s on drafting decks and tips to develop your own capacity.

  • You will understand the needs of the deck user and audience.
  • You will know how to organize your thinking in preparing to draft a deck.
  • You will understand and practice deck preparation. 

The Approach


This half-day workshop is delivered by a practitioner well-versed in delivering strong, to the point briefings and decks.  The half-day will include lectures, individual and group exercises, case studies, discussion and draw on the experience of those in the room to complement the knowledge of the workshop leader. 


Sample Testimonials 


“Very good instructor, explanations and exercises.”

“Great workshop; highly recommended!”

“Chance to work with others and gain different perspectives and approaches.”

“Leslie is great. I love her direct approach—no beating around the bush. Clear   direction.”

“As always, Leslie has made another course very informative and interesting! I have learned a lot today.”


Who   should attend


Anyone who works on decks as a drafter or reviewer.  There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop.  You know if you need to work on this skill. 


Schedule and Fees


The workshop can be delivered in English or French for up to 25 individuals from a single organization at a group rate with examples from your work area and organization.