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Telling It Like It Is: written and oral briefings  



This workshop explores how to structure your message, suggests new tools, covers   the use of plain language—including how to cope with technical jargon, how to reduce the time you spend on drafting, how to manage deadlines and reduce editing. It shares ideas for organizing your time and your thoughts during oral briefings.

  • You will get the message across succinctly, clearly and with sufficient detail to ensure that any decision based on the advice is well   grounded.
  • You will have new ways to think through the briefings you prepare.
  • You will give your oral briefing with confidence.
  • You will review and refresh your skills.

The Approach


This one-day workshop is delivered by a practitioner well-versed in delivering strong, to-the-point briefings. Designed by Leslie Anderson, who has 18 years’ experience briefing senior elected and appointed officials, the course shares tips and insights into what senior people are looking for, how to improve the organization of your notes, and how to ensure that important points don’t get lost.  It deals with isolating the issue, proposing real options, and making sensible   recommendations.

The day will include individual and group exercises, and will draw on the

experiences of those in the room to complement the knowledge of the workshop leader.

This workshop has received consistently favourable comments from the more than 3000 individuals who have attended since 1998. Offered at one point in time through the Institute on Governance, the workshop have been held for over 15 federal government departments and agencies.  Workshops have also been   held for the Governments of Nunavut and Nunatsiavut, and the Metis Nation of Ontario.


Sample Testimonials


“I would not have anticipated that someone at my level (i.e. been writing   notes forever…) could learn so much.”

"I feel that the material really has equipped me with additional tools to   enhance my briefing.”

“Vital   to my daily work… long overdue!”

“Pulls together the pieces of the puzzle—suddenly briefings make sense.”

“Very useful refresher for experienced analysts and a must-do for new employees.”

“I  wish I had taken this course 29 years ago.”

“The course taught me to be strategic in oral briefings.”


Who should attend


Public servants in policy, communications, science, administration, operations — anyone who is responsible for writing briefing notes or for creating and delivering oral briefings. There is no suggested job or experience level for this workshop. You know if you need to work on this skill.


Schedule and Fees


This workshop can be delivered in

English or French for up to 25 individuals from a single organization at a group rate with a focus on your organization’s formats and subject matter. It can also be tailored to only cover written briefings. A half day oral briefing workshop is also available as is a written briefing workshop for managers.