Experienced Personal Training & Consulting

Experienced Personal Training & Consulting

Experienced Personal Training & ConsultingExperienced Personal Training & ConsultingExperienced Personal Training & Consulting



"Superior communicator.  Clear, thorough and very open to questions/comments."


"Leslie's experience and charisma made the course worthwhile. Well presented and organized. I will certainly recommend to my staff and co-workers."


"Leslie made this workshop enjoyable and informative. I would attend any/all workshops that she leads."


"Leslie is the best, most effective and relevant teacher I've met. I trust her and her advice. Excellent use of my time."


" As always, Leslie uses her breadth of experience to deliver a focused, informative and useful workshop."

About Leslie Anderson


Leslie Anderson was an employee with the federal government for 18 years, including 11 years as a senior executive.  She has led work on a wide range of individual policy issues and strategic planning exercises, and has briefed Ministers and senior officials extensively on sensitive political issues, as well as technical, economic, social, and tax matters.  Leslie has worked as an employee for, or consultant with, a wide range of federal departments including Indian and Northern Affairs, Privatization and Regulatory Affairs, Finance, Treasury Board, Privy Council Office, Western Economic Diversification, Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Her current work is in the areas of policy/program development, organizational design, continuous learning, leadership and coaching.  Leslie also teaches and designs programs in the policy sector both in Canada at the provincial level and abroad.  In 2002, on three occasions, she led a five- week executive leadership course for the Hong Kong government.  She has also taught economics courses at the University of Ottawa on a part-time basis, and  taught and developed policy courses both independently and for 12 years with the Institute on Governance.

Leslie is a recipient of the federal government’s Merit Award for the central role she played in the establishment and management of the APAP, the Advanced Policy Analysts Program (formerly called the Accelerated ES Training Program). She also received a Deputy Minister’s Outstanding Achievement Award for work related to the relocation of the Innu community of Davis Inlet, Labrador.

Ms. Anderson received a Master of Social Sciences Degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor’s degree in English and Economics.  She was a recipient of a Gold medal for her academic achievement.

She was an Associate of the Institute on Governance for over 12 years.